Classic Controversy

Ah, the age-old question every book lover likes to argue over: “E-book or Physical copy?” I can’t tell you how many times I have seen different variations of this question among the social media sites but no matter how you phrase it, it’s still a huge debate. As for me I read only Physical copies of books. Why? you ask, because for one I’m a student. And where I’m from they don’t allow electronics inside the education area because it is a ‘distraction’ and could be potentially used to play games on instead of actually using it for the enjoyment of reading. I know I’m not the only one that has had to face this trouble and it is frustrating to know your elders think of you as some delinquent that doesn’t care about learning or their future in any way *sigh*. Anyway, there is that obstacle and plus I personally would love to have a library in my house one day. One that the whole family and I can enjoy with plenty of natural sunlight and a coffee/tea maker on the side with lots of comfy chairs and extra pillows. I keep my books so that one day when I have children of my own they can see the awesomeness that is reading and will hopefully come to enjoy the activity just as much as I do. I love sharing my passion with others and what better way to continue that then to pass the love down to my own children by setting an example. Now, do I think that E-books are terrible? No, of course not, there are plenty of practical uses for them that would undoubtedly make my life easier (and a lot uncluttered). E-books are easy to carry around with you and are less likely to mess up if you drop them or get something on them (with a cover of course). They also allow you to take a whole library wherever you go! I mean come on, can you imagine carrying around your whole bookshelf all day? That would be miserable. And admittedly E-book prices are way cheaper and you can receive the books much faster than having to get them sent to your house or having to make a trip to go buy a book. But for me, E-books just aren’t my style but I applaud those who use them, because you are being tech savvy and are saving a whole heck of a lot of money!

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