The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan



“Remarkable… Levithan does the dictionary a great deal of justice, showing that the right words really can say it all, and doing it with an effortless grace.”  – The New Yorker

There really is no better way to explain it. This book was a light, quick read that puts into perspective the things that go on in a serious relationship. From the constantly changing emotions to the private vs public relationship. From how it all starts to how it can all end in an instant, and how there can be a shift in feelings that one isn’t fully aware of. I loved the format of this book and all of the new words I learned just from reading these ‘dictionary entries’. Although I had to stop multiple times to look up a word I didn’t know, and stop my flow of reading, it was worth it. I wouldn’t recommend tabbing words you don’t know to look them up later, because you really need to know the definition of the words before reading on to understand the story better. The creativity and thought that went into this book is crazy! I want to know how he came up with this idea and how he made it work. Did he pick out the words he was going to use first? Or did he write bits and pieces of the story then go back and associate a word with it. I didn’t know what to expect from this book and couldn’t predict what would happen. These are little excepts from a bigger story, and it isn’t told as a full and cohesive story.  I had no connection to this story and didn’t really understand it sometimes because I haven’t ever experienced something like that, or ever really been in love. I think this will be a great read to come back to when I’m older and can understand love better. I also love to award bonus points for having beautiful covers, and this cover is stunning! I like how he used words from the book to make up the heart on the cover. I won’t do a spoiler section for this book because like I said it’s just parts of a story and I think it would be better to go into this book blind.

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