A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

It was an absolute delight to read about this grumpy old man that deep down has a big heart. After reading My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry I just knew I had to pick this one up. I was not disappointed at all! Ove is so endearing in his own way that it is hard not to enjoy his story. I thought the author was so creative with this story and I loved how everything tied together neatly in the end. This book was as funny as it was heartwarming, in my reading log I gave it 5 hearts! (Like the star system but with hearts for how much I loved it). I kept trying to predict what would happen and it kept throwing me in a completely different direction. The characters in this book were so relatable, and the book so immersive, that I forgot these people weren’t my actual neighbors. This book had such a strong message about the benefits and the power of community. I almost all out bawled while reading parts of this book, not because it was sad per se, but because I felt so strongly for these characters.  I liked the cover and overall look of this book for two reasons: one, because it matches his other books. And two, because the cat is included on the cover!
 My favorite part about this whole book was how the cat and Parvaneh didn’t take any of Ove’s crap! They were both so willing to challenge him, and I think that it was exactly what he needed after his wife died. As you can tell he always did love a challenge from Rune and liked to argue from all the letters he sent to the “white shirts”. I’m not usually one to like flashbacks in a book but I didn’t mind these as much. I felt so bad for Ove because he has always been a man of principle and people have always screwed him over because of that. Which is sad because we need more people like Ove to fill the streets. I thought it was sweet how the book started with him buying an IPad and then you understand at the end why he was buying it. I do wish that in the epilogue we got to read about Ove and Sonja’s reuniting, after all that time of him talking to her I wanted to see what she would say to him. I thought it was really sweet how much Ove loved Sonja and how much he was willing to do for her, I want someone to love me that much one day. I also think it was really sweet all the things he did for his neighbors in the end. He helped everyone with their houses and even talked to Mirsad’s dad for him, and even stood up for Rune when they were going to take him away. I just really loved this old man and wished I had a grandfather like him.

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