Bookish Facts About Me!

So, I decided to tell you guys a little bit about myself through book related stuff, so you can get to know me a little better.
So, let’s just jump right in!
  •          I would really love to be in Dauntless but I’m probably more Erudite. (Divergent by Veronica Roth)
  •         I’m a SLYTHERIN!!! Yeah!
  •         My patronus is a white swan
  •          I always have at least two books on me at all times
  •          I will read anywhere and everywhere (No joke)
  •          I usually like to get all my reading done during the day, I’m not a huge night owl (Unless it comes to a read-a-thon, then I never sleep)
  •          The first booktuber I ever watched was Katytastic
  •          I’m not quite sure which book or series got me into reading, but I know I love it now!
  •         I have a kitten named Bruce, he doesn’t like for me to read.
  •           Imostly read YA, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. But I’m trying to branch out and read different genres.
  •         I am a really fast reader most of the time
  •          I have never been to a book signing or anything like BookCon or BookExpo (Although I REALLY want to go)
  •          I collect bookmarks


Anyways, I think you get the idea. So enough about me, I want to hear about you guys! Comment below and let me know some interesting book facts about you! 😊

4 thoughts on “Bookish Facts About Me!

  1. This is a cute idea 🙂

    I am a very proud Ravenclaw and my patronus is a Butterfly! I strive to be the kind of person that would be in Amity, but I honestly think I would be in Erudite too. I also always have two books on me at all times, however one is for me and the other is a childrens book for my daughter.

    I'm more of an evening reader, once the child is in bed. I like curling up and winding down from a busy day with a good book, however that often means I stay up way too late! I have honestly never watched a booktuber, but I guess I should start! I already loved to read from a very young age, but the two books that really started my life long love and obsession with books were Treasure Island and Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

    I was gifted a beautiful little Kitten for my 10th birthday, and I named him Harry Potter. I had Harry for almost 16 years before he went to sleep. I also mostly read YA, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. However I also love Memoirs, Romance, Classics and Surrealism! I have been terrible with the variety I've been reading this year so I need to sort that out and branch out genre wise.

    I feel like I am quite a fast reader, but I don't get a whole lot of time to read so it evens out to a moderate speed. I have been to a few book signings before, but nothing as big as some of the book conventions I see overseas! Here in NZ we have one called the Readers and Writers Festival, and although it is fun, I wish I could head to a bigger and better one!

    I have a pretty decent bookmark collection, but I try and collect plants mentioned in books. I adore plants and flowers, so if one is mentioned in a book I usually do some research and try and fit it into my house if I can. I hope one day to have a lot of land so I can plant trees mentioned in books too!

    That was fun 🙂


  2. Thank You for sharing! And you should definitely check out booktube! I often get all of my recommendations from there, and I love watching other people's book hauls. I really like your plant idea! that's really cool, and I'm glad you are doing it because if I tried I would end up killing all of them. LoL I don't really have a 'green thumb'


  3. I'm a total Ravenclaw lol
    I tend to be reading a lot of books simultaneously- I have a “bedtime book”, a “purse book” (so I never end up being out somewhere w/out a book! Cuz that's horrible *shudders*) and usually 1-3 non-fiction books I'm working my way through.
    And I want to be an illustrator 🙂


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