Between the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat

This book is so beautifully written and intriguing that I want more! This book reminded me a little of Kasie West’s P.S I like you and is one of the reasons I liked it. The main character can be a little annoying at times, and I had to put the book down once or twice from major second-hand embarrassment. Despite that, I really enjoyed this book. Yes, this book does have a love triangle in it, but it is one of those that you love to hate. This story was so cute and charming, I was smiling all the way through. This book also deals with some relevant topics to today, such as: Societal hierarchy, stereotypes, and judgement. This isn’t the first book of its kind, but Roat manages to remake it just enough to be unfamiliar. This book had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would come next. The characters were so fun and had so much personality that I felt like I could really relate to each of them. Bonus points are certainly awarded for the gorgeous cover, it is so simple yet elegant.
I simply knew she would end up with Lennie. Honestly, I didn’t expect James to last long, but I did like the way she gave him a chance. I think Ivy’s family was a little hard on her, yes, they are all going through tough times, but all she was trying to do was help. And I don’t think her family understands what it’s like to keep up appearances in high school. Everything you do is judged and scrutinized, it’s hard to keep your place in a clique. I’m so glad she decided to ditch Willow and join Molly’s group of misfits. I’m also super happy that she kept her relationship with her siblings, even after going through all of this, she could have easily blamed them. Although I did wish for a bit more of the “bad boy” side of Lennie to come out, but he was sweet to her and that’s all that matters. It was sad to see Ivy and Reesa’s friendship slowly deteriorate, but hey made up in the end and were still there for each other even when they were mad. I guessed from the start that it was Lennie she was writing those letters to in the books, but I second-guessed myself and changed my mind. When Lennie showed up to the open mic, that’s when I knew. Ivy was a little oblivious to everything but that is all a part of her character.

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