Coffee or Tea with books?

Most people like to have a drink and a snack with them when reading, the question is though, whether you prefer coffee or tea? Now as a southern white girl (I can just see the stereotypes piling up) I was raised on Starbucks and Sweet Tea. Although I tend to drink more coffee than tea, I still like both. One can argue that these two things don’t really count as tea or coffee seeing as they are all sugared up and transformed from their original state. But honestly, when i’m reading I don’t usually drink anything, and if I do it’s water. The only time I make coffee or tea myself, is when I want to take a cool bookstagram picture, and then I end up dumping it out without drinking it. I have an owlcrate subscription so when they pack tea into their boxes I usually just keep them around for keepsake purposes. Sometimes I will get the courage to actually drink those teas, but I end up not liking them because they are too bitter or have no taste. Does anyone else share my opinion? I would like to know what you drink or eat while reading, let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Coffee or Tea with books?

  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee! But I always have a coffee in my hand, so it's not a surprise that I like to drink it while I read too. But if I am reading in the evenings after my toddler has gone to bed, I often like to have a glass of wine.


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