The Devil You Know by Trish Doller

This book was everything I never knew I wanted. A little dark with an irresistible romance that keeps you hooked from the first page. This was such a short book, 200 pages or so, and I wanted more! The writing style was outstanding and I loved the story-line. A mix between realistic fiction and mystery that is also a young adult contemporary novel. I really loved the effortless feel of this book, how it is such a simple concept and it read as if you were watching a movie. I finished this book in a day because of the length but also because of the way it demanded to be read in one sitting. I will definitely pick up any other book(s) from this author because of this book. Wasn’t very original and was very predictable, but I don’t care! I felt like I could relate to (some) of these characters and understood where they were coming from. This book made me ‘aww’ and made my heart race at all the right times. As you know I give out brownie points for the appearance of a book (because who doesn’t love a great cover?) and unfortunately this book didn’t earn them. Don’t let the cover fool you, this book is a true gem!
I’m just going to skip right to the end because I KNEW it was Matt the whole time! I was so proud of myself that I actually guessed it right! He was just too suspicious and made it really obvious on their trip to get pie. And I knew that Noah was just a sweetheart and wouldn’t do something like that, because he had changed through jail the first time. I don’t think that Cadie and Noah should have blamed themselves for Matt’s death because he deserved it really. I’m just glad they didn’t end up in jail or with severe PTSD. And I’m extremely glad they reunited in the end, because Although I do think they deserved some ‘me time’, they are just better together.

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