After Hours by Claire Kennedy


After Hours is an unexceptional book that left me struggling to finish. A book about dares that had me excited to read, because I thought it would be similar to Nerve by Jeanne Ryan, but was not well written and not exciting at all. While reading this book I found some grammar and spelling errors which was really annoying and the dares in the book weren’t exciting at all. They were lackluster and this book kept piling up problems one by one. I also had a problem with the pacing in this book, whole weeks would go by with nothing happening. And the multiple point of views was really unorganized, and broke up the flow of the story. I didn’t like this book at all and was excited to finish just so I could start another book. It wasn’t extremely hard to read; the authors writing was alright, it was just boring and unimaginative. Good thing this book was short, or I would have had to label it DNF. This book was super predictable and uncreative. The characters were hard to relate to and the book basically put me to sleep. The cover on this book was awful also. Overall I really think there could have been a whole lot more thought and time put into this book to make it better. I was unimpressed and would not recommend it to anyone.

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