Wildman by J.C Geiger

Wildman is such a touching story about a stranger’s understanding and the way you can connect to anyone. Wildman also deals with upholding expectations and how sometimes the best moments in life can catch you off guard. Wildman has been getting some MAJOR hype lately and was one of the main reasons I bought it, and it didn’t disappoint. It was such a great story and reminded me of Jeff Zentner’s The Serpent King. Both books will make you instantly fall in love and leave a lasting impression. This book was unique in its own way, and held me captive from the start. This book kept coming with new things to throw at the reader just when you thought they were good. The characters were super relatable and had depth to them. I also really loved the book’s cover because of how well it fits with the story and it is pleasing/intriguing to the eye. Not only is the dust jacket great, but the naked cover is awesome as well. This book checks off all my reviewing criteria boxes, except one, emotions. This book didn’t make me feel anything. It is such a well written book I expected it to be this soul lifting and inspiring book that made me laugh and want to cry. But it just wasn’t, and that fact alone made me want to cry, because I wanted to give this book a full 5 stars! In spite of that issue this book was a fantastic read that should be on everyone’s radar! Hopefully, if you pick it up, this book will inspire something in you!
I really loved Lance’s character a lot because he was so brave in leaving behind his security and stability, even if it was for a few days. I believe that you can have fun while also getting stuff done, so I’m glad he decided to stay to hear the trainsong 😉. From the beginning, I didn’t like Miriam, and felt like she was stuck-up and thought herself to be highly important. Even though I didn’t think lance and Dakota were perfect together, I’m glad they found someone to listen to them and share secrets with. I really liked Mason’s character and thought he was misunderstood (Cliché, I know) but he seemed like a good guy in a bad situation. I could never make my mind up about Stone, but hated he tried to go to Telluride by himself and not make it. I thought it was really sweet what Lance and Dakota did for him in the end and found it a perfect way to end the story. I didn’t like Lance’s mom and how controlling she was, I understand she was only looking out for him but she should have backed off when she knew how much he wanted to stay, and what the car meant to him. I also liked the way the author told us a little about Lance’s dad through stories and memories of him, I liked to know a little more as to why he wouldn’t let go of the car (not just because he wanted to stay).

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