Book Turn-offs

Today I want to share with you all some things that make me completely lose interest in a book. Whether I’m in the middle of reading it or I’m just checking out the synopsis, these things are a sure sign of a DNF (Did not finish) book.

The Well Thumbed Reader inspired this post! Click on the link to see her blog.

Insta-love- I HATE books that the characters fall in “love at first sight.” I don’t believe in that, and will run away from the book and never think of it again. I want the characters to get to know each other first, because I think it makes their story more endearing than when they automatically become boyfriend and girlfriend.
sport books- Honestly, I couldn’t care less about sports in reality, so why would I want to read about them?
short time spans-I’ll probably contradict myself in this one, but I don’t like it when all the action happens in one day. I want things to be evenly paced, and I don’t want a book that skips too much time, because then you lose some of the connection with the characters. After a lot of time passes you start to wonder what they have been doing up until the next moment in the book. You lose some of the familiarity with them because that is a piece of their story you don’t know about.
Ghosts- I don’t play around about ghosts, not saying I’m scared or anything…, but that is some serious business. I’d rather not mess with ghosts in real life and I definitely don’t want to read about them.
So that is all for today! Let me know some things that you don’t like in books in the comments below! Maybe we have the same tastes.

If you want to see some things I do like in books, check out my Impulse book buy requirements post here.


5 thoughts on “Book Turn-offs

  1. I agree about insta-love, but I am a sucker for insta-infatuation. Cause that is pretty damn realistic, or at least it has been in my life. Lol.

    However I disagree about sports. I love when characters play a sport. I feel it adds another level to their character.

    I really really dislike when a character that was previously awkward, clumsy and otherwise invisible is all of a sudden amazing at everything they do and everyone decides that they are actually super cute and cool. Ugh.


  2. You know I L.O.V.E. the gifs!!!

    My biggest turn off in a book is a whiny girl!!! If I roll my eyes because the main character is being stupid, whiny or weak while reading, then it's over for me!! Sorry not sorry!


  3. Ooh, I definitely agree with insta-love. It's the actual worst and can definitely ruin a book for me. 😝 Sports are just so boring in real life; I don't need my books to be ruined with them! 😂 I don't like books that take place in one day either, but I've read a couple that really impressed me! I think it really depends on how the author tackles the subject! And I'm so glad I inspired you; I wish WordPress allowed links from other websites! 😘


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