One of Us is Lying by Karen M McManus

One of us is lying is a mixture of murder mystery and inspiration from the breakfast club. Upon finishing this book, I sat here staring at my screen debating about what I could say about this book, because I felt that it was an alright read. In my opinion, this book is way over hyped but that hype was one of the reasons I kept reading. Yes, I liked the romance and the friendships made in this book, but that isn’t what the story is about. I felt that the suspense was a little too drawn out and it made me excited to finish so I could figure it out and be done with it. And then when I did finally get to the big reveal, I felt as if it fell a little short. I was expecting it to be a huge “ah-ha” moment but it was just glossed over and moved on to the next piece of the puzzle. I think it had a lot of drama that I could have done without, even if it did make sense with the story. I really was expecting to love this book, but I thought it was just okay. Although, I do love the breakfast club retelling aspect of it, and thought it was a really cool, new concept. The originality is there, and this book was hard to predict, mystery wise. But I felt as if I couldn’t really relate to these characters very much, and was too busy trying to get finished that I didn’t notice if this book inspired any emotion in me. Although, the book’s cover is very intriguing if you didn’t know anything about the book. This book was a big let-down but one I wouldn’t completely write off, I would recommend reading this book when most of the hype has died down to form your own opinion on it. I will say that towards the end there are some issues that might be triggers for some people.
Okay, so honestly, I thought it was Mauve who had done it at first. Just because she was hacking into the About That app and tumblr page. She was a small enough character that it would have been a huge shock, but man am I glad that it ended the way it did. It was so unexpected but I thought that the suicide/depression issue was a huge topic that the author just threw in at the end. I think the author would have gotten her message across better if she had thrown in the bullying issue and suicide stuff throughout the story. Also, Nate was a jerk at the end but he made up for it. I’m glad that the four of them became friends and helped each other through this big mess, it would have been hard if they just ignored each other like their lawyers wanted them to. I don’t really know why Nate’s mom came back, I don’t think that was necessary and kind of pointless. And Cooper being gay didn’t bother me all that much, but unfortunately that is how most people react to situations like that. Even though Addy didn’t like TJ after everything that happened, I think they would have been good together.

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