The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda


The Hunt is a fresh, new take on what it means to be a vampire, while also nodding back to the classic stereotypes. I liked this book it was a lot of fun to read, and I don’t think it over-did it too much on the cheesy vampire part. The plot was extremely interesting with a lot of action, and just enough romance slipped in between scenes to make it an awesome find. Now saying that, I won’t be picking up the sequel, and here’s why. This book was a Bookoutlet pick that came super cheap. At the time I was also trying to add enough to my cart to get a discounted price off my total, so this was a book that when I read the synopsis I was interested in it, but ultimately was just a filler book in my cart. Since then (about two years ago) this book has sat untouched on my TBR shelf. Since this book is a part of my Book-Tube-A-Thon review series, the only thing that made me pick up this book was the challenges, and the overwhelming need to read some of my old TBR books. I liked this book, but without Book-Tube-A-Thon, it would have never gotten read due to the INSANE AMOUNT OF NEW RELEASES! The plot to this book is, in my opinion, very original. I liked the thrill of the ‘hunt’ and the well written action scenes kept me reading. There was a lot of room for creativity in this book, and it shows that the author really took it to the next level. I had a hard time predicting things in this book, because of the fact that this book could have gone in so many different directions, which I liked. Sometimes it was hard to relate to some of the characters because of the world they were in, but overall the message got across that you should never forget who you are, no matter what you go through. I will say I was pretty excited while reading this book, because the plot pumped adrenaline through me as if I were there with the characters. This book is great! If you like long chapters. I don’t like stopping in the middle of a chapter so I’m not too fond of long chapters, and this book had extremely long chapters! One chapter lasted a whole 60 pages! 60 PAGES! There were 6 chapters in the whole book and the book was almost 300 pages. Overall, I enjoyed it and wished I would have picked it up sooner so it wasn’t forgotten on my shelf for so long.

So, my first thoughts were, “How did Ashley June and him get the exact same numbers that just happened to be the winning code?” It seemed a little suspicious to me but I went with it. I liked how the author included the steps and details the main character had to pay attention to in order to survive. I didn’t like that they used the word “hepers” for the term for human, because all I could think about was how much it looked and sounded like herpes. Anyway, I found it to be a big shocker that Ashley was also a heper and that she had been faking the whole time too. No wonder she had a crush on Gene, she knew he was like her. And, because of that fact, I couldn’t believe Gene would just leaver her like that for these other people he hardly knew. She risked her life to save him, expecting him to come back and rescue her, and he left her there with all of those filthy vampires! I also think Sissy was too trusting of Gene to be a good leader.  If I was her my first thoughts would be, “anyone on the outside is bad” but he did come back and help them in return, after almost getting them killed at least twice. And the last huge shock, was that the crazy scientist dude was Gene’s father!! Like what even? How? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Book-Tube-A-Thon review series: 1/7

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