Why I have two sections to my reviews.

Today I will share with you why I include a spoiler section to my reviews.
Of course the reason for writing the non-spoiler part is a given, but why do I include spoilers?
Well, I’m glad you asked! You see, most of my friends in real life don’t read, so I don’t have anyone to share my thoughts on a book with except you guys. When I get done reading a good book I just want to share with someone all of my theories and predictions about what I thought would happen and what can still happen.
I like hearing how other people interpreted a book also, so I leave my spoilers so others can read them and either agree or disagree. And, if you picked up a book because of my non-spoiler review, then you can always come back and read the spoiler section when you get finished! We can compare notes and have a great time picking apart the book.
If you enjoy the written word just as much as I do, then I know you want to share it with everyone! So, for those who have read some of the books I review, it gives them a chance to see that book from someone else’s perspective.

Let me know in the comments below if you have read a spoiler section of mine, and thought it was useful, or if you completely disagreed with it.

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