Icons by Margaret Stohl

I really wished the world building in this book was written better. I felt that although the story was good, the background information was lacking. I felt as if there were gaps in the story, and I would sometimes get confused about what was going on, due to the lack of explanation. There was also some Spanish thrown in there that I didn’t know the meaning of, but it was mild and not a huge problem. Also, there wasn’t much action until the very end. This book is sci-fi so I was expecting more action scenes, but the one at the end made up for it. After each chapter, there was a short journal/medical analysis that didn’t really make sense, until about halfway through the book. I thought it odd and confusing to include those. Overall the originality and interest was there, it just needed to be written better. This being another book that has sat on my shelf forever, I didn’t have high expectations for it. And in some ways, it surprised and disappointed. Having no expectations, I didn’t try to make any predictions so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Some of the characters were easy to relate to if you could dig deep and read between the lines. Some scenes made me smile, because of the way they all worked together. The cover wasn’t all that pretty, but it went with the storyline.

I’m really glad that Lucas came back to the others and helped them. I’m still torn between whether I want Dol to be with Ro or Lucas. I’m still wondering what the significance of the dots are on their wrists. I’m also still a little weary of Fortis and I don’t like the evil general dude (I can’t remember his name).  And at first, I didn’t think their plan to blow up the icon would work, and I don’t believe that the Lords just left. They will be back. Seriously, not much else happened that wasn’t a build up to the end.
Booktube-A-Thon review series 5/7

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