Alexander Hamilton Graphic Novel

The graphic history of an American Founding Father by Jonathan Hennessey and art by Justin Greenwood



I love graphic novels but I’m not a huge fan of history. My logic in requesting this book from the website Blogging for Books, was that maybe my love for graphic novels could help me start to love history as well. The problem with that is that I just think history is boring, so I don’t think I will ever be cured of my disinterest in the subject. I didn’t quite enjoy this book because of the way it presented information, sometimes it felt like I was reading bits and pieces of a history textbook. The art was alright but I wanted a little more detail in the scenes. I think this book would be great for anyone who loves history and is interested in the life of Alexander Hamilton. This book would also be great for fans of the Broadway musical Hamilton. I’m sure others love it but this just wasn’t my cup of tea. There is no originality or predictability in this book because it is a retelling of a famous person’s life and I’m sure everyone knows how it will end. The next part may seem silly but I have to go through it because they are a part of my reviewing guidelines, I had no relation or any emotions linked to this book because it happened so long ago and many things were different back then. The cover is nice though, it looks very professional and was pleasing to the eye.


In accordance with the FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials for bloggers, I would like my readers to know that this book I reviewed was provided to me for free by the website Blogging for Books for an honest review. I am in no way compensated for this review.

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