Book Pets

Do you have any pets?  I have a cat in real life, and I know if you have a furbaby you loves yours just as much as I love mine.

But what about our literary pets? Don’t they deserve some love too?

That is why I am making a literary pet appreciation post!

Feel free to add on to this list in the comments and show all of our pets some love.

Firstly, I want to include Church the cat from the Mortal Instruments series and the Infernal Devices because where would any of us be without him?

 Fang the dog from Harry Potter deserves to be mentioned also even if he is more of a scaredy cat.

The horse Gifford from My Lady Jane is of worthy notice, if you have read the book then this nomination makes sense, if not then go read the book. 😆

And who can forget about Buttercup from the Hunger Games?  Well, obviously the author because he doesn’t show up again until the end.

I know this is a very short list but I can hardly think of any pets in books! This is exactly why we need more literary pet appreciation posts!

Who is your favorite book pet? Let me know in the comments below!

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