Lost Boy by Christina Henry


I don’t know if I have ever told you this, but re-tellings of fairy-tales and classics are some of my favorite reads. What makes this book even better is that it is a Peter Panre-telling! Although it is from Hook’s point of view, this book is still extremely intriguing. I always love tales from the supposed “villain” and this is a darker tale than the original. I really liked this book but if I were to change anything, it would be that we got to read more about Jamie with the pirates. This story focuses more on the relationship Jamie and Peter had as kids, and how Jamie came to hate Peter, and then eventually became Hook. I felt like there could have been a little more of the grown-up pirate and not the lost boy in Peter’s band of wildlings. I liked this view of my favorite fairy-tale, and was glad the author kept most of the things from the original story. She also added some new elements that made this book completely her own. So, the originality is there, well as much as you can get from a re-telling. This book could be a little predictable most times but it was easy to overlook it. This book didn’t make me laugh or cry or anything, but it gave me a warm feeling to be returning to some of the characters I know so well. I also felt connected to the characters in some ways and then sometimes I didn’t, it really depended on what the situation was. I really liked this cover as well, because it is a great fit for the story, and was really eye-catching. Overall, this book deserves to be read, especially if you want to know more about the famous villain Hook!
I knew that there was something off about Peter, there was more to him than met the eye. I also guessed at the beginning that it was their loyalty to Peter that kept them young. Peter just seemed too robotic and cruel to be a normal boy. Although, I hated it for Jamie when he found out that Peter couldn’t be killed if there were others on the island. Poor Jamie, also had the curse on him from Peter, and all that hate bottled up inside him. There was one thing in this book that I didn’t expect, that Sal was really a Sally. I knew Nip betrayed the boys to the pirates, I knew Peter would try to kill all of them, and I knew it was Tink that sold Jamie and Sal out to Peter.I didn’t like how this book ended because I felt bad for Jamie and Charlie with all that he has been through.

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