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Goodreads link for Half Bad                    Goodreads link for Storm Siren

Merry (late) Christmas! I’m here to give you all a sneak peak of what is to come in the new year! (When I get back to blogging in the summer. Hopefully I can find time before then, but we will see. Posting might become sporadic so be sure to subscribe and follow to be alerted of when I post! 😉)

New If you like… Then read posts!! Yay! I will be giving my recommendations based on similarities I find in books/series!



Half Bad by Sally Green
Storm Siren by Mary Weber
I love Mary Weber’s writing style and Sally Green pleasantly surprised me with her debut novel. Both books deal with magic and/or the elements and how our main character uses their talents to discover themselves and to save the world. Blah, Blah you already know the format of every Young Adult book ever.
But these two books will take you to places you have never been in a YA universe! Seriously guys these two go together like peanut butter and jelly! You might not see the connection at first other than the obvious magic and world building, but dive deeper and you see their true connection.
War and evil with some serious issues that the characters go through that will make your heart hurt and your head spin. Both tales are hauntingly beautiful all wrapped up in a big bow of tragedy. You really have to be committed to read these series because they both end in cliff-hangers 😢.
If you haven’t heard of either just go ahead and buy both to save you time! 🙂 The Goodreads pages are linked at the beginning of this post if you want to read more!
But really just take my word for it! If your reading style is anything like mine I know you will love them both. (If you end up not liking them then call me crazy and slap a big label on my forehead to wear around in shame!)
I haven’t done individual, in depth reviews on these books because I read them before I started this blog so if you would like to request a review for one or both of these books just let me know in the comments or email me at darlindiva.mm@gmail.com and I will consider doing a re-read! ❤

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