The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge










So, there are a few things you need to know about this book:


1)      Badass female characters


2)      Serious plot twists


3)      Murder


4)      Mystery




Oh, and did I mention?


6)      Badass women


I slowly fell in love with this book not only because of the way the characters were written but because I got to put my detective skills to use. Each page introduced a new mystery and it was really fun to see if I could come up with what would happen. My brain didn’t stop working while reading this book! It is safe to say that this book surprised me in more ways than I would like to admit (I do pride myself on being able to predict endings). This book was very unpredictable and extremely original. I also like the subtle biblical reference to the tree of knowledge. I actually didn’t make that connection until they said something about it in the book, now it seems glaringly obvious. Although I felt that the character development was there, I didn’t necessarily connect with the characters. I didn’t feel individually bonded with any of the characters while reading, but I do feel like I connected with the point of view of women in the book as a whole. I felt that the author portrayed the situations of women in society very well. Since I didn’t form a connection with the characters the book didn’t move me or make me feel anything, other than excitement when the mystery was being resolved. Overall this book was really well written, and I enjoyed myself while reading it. I could feel myself getting sucked into the book and not being able to put it down! Making this book the first one on my list of Top 5 2018 in the sidebar. I wanted to save my evaluation of the cover for last because I think this aspect of the book was the main reason I decided to read it. It was really intriguing and mysterious in and of itself. I couldn’t help but to get it because I felt that based on the title and art I would really like it. And I did! Which is good because that means my intuition isn’t misleading 😉.

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