The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari




This book fell flat for me. The cover and synopsis interested me but when I actually got into it I was disappointed. I didn’t really have high expectations for this book, but I wanted to enjoy it, I really did. I tried too but I have some problems with the story. The first problem I had was the world building. I liked the idea of it, but it could have been written better. There are magical and non-magical beings that live in the same city, but the regular humans don’t know about the existence of magic. To me it seemed like these were two separate worlds because sometimes the characters wouldn’t even hide or hush their conversations about magic. It seemed like it didn’t connect right, and I felt like the story didn’t flow good. Sometimes it was hard to read and I had to stop and question it for a minute. My second problem with this book is that this is supposed to be a story about love, with the main character being a matchmaker and all, but I felt like that storyline was an afterthought. The whole mess of the action, with the drama and all, didn’t seamlessly overlap the love side of the story. It seemed, again, as if they were two completely different plots. The love story also seemed rushed and I wanted some more details and little “awe” moments I could fawn over. And with this magical being thing it seemed like the author threw together every mythical creature they could think up into this story. This book should have been focused on the action of the story with those hard-earned moments of stolen kisses and big revelations and confessions of love in between the scenes. That’s the kind of story that makes readers get attached and want more. This book had some good love advice and wisdom in it, but it read like a life lesson or a lecture and not a story I was reading to escape those things. As you can see I didn’t think very highly of this book, so I won’t go through all of the steps I use for reviewing, I think you can infer that for yourselves. I will give a few points to the creators of the cover though because it is really pretty and eye-catching.

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