Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger


Since the release of this book I have seen it all over bookstagram. That is part of the reason I picked it up, but also because I kept getting “One of Us is Lying” vibes. And I wanted to give this thriller/YA genre another try, because I was really expecting to love One of Us is Lying and really kind of didn’t (my book review here). So, I enjoyed this book immensely, I loved the social media conversations and insights to the main characters agoraphobia, but it was lacking in some areas. Like every relationship in the book other than Eric and Tessa’s. My main problem was with the mom, she was very impatient with Tessa when her anxiety got in the way. I just don’t see how a mother could act like it is her child’s fault, and not recognize that she is the victim. Another thing this book didn’t get thriller-y until the very end, it wasn’t very well dispersed throughout the book except for her hinting that something happened in New Orleans. With that said, I loved Taylor and Tessa’s back and forth banter, and the last little “epilogue” had me like WTF?? That ending changed everything for me. At first, I thought everything would wrap up nicely and there would be no need for me to read the next one, because at this point I was feeling a little “meh” about it. BUT, that ending has me in line to read the next one. Although I can’t really see how the author will make the resolution to the last scene stretch into a whole book. I don’t really see the originality in this book, but I will tell you it was unpredictable in the last half. Although it can sometimes be tough to follow the climax through both of Tessa and Eric’s POV’s. I guess the way the information was presented was a little confusing, but I could connect the dots. I didn’t really connect with Tessa because, frankly, I found her annoying at times. I guess that comes with the package of YA hero/main character. This book made my heart happy and yes, I did go follow both @TessaHeartsEric and @EricThornSucks on twitter. This cover is really pretty, I am so glad they covered the models face some because I hate faces on covers. (Post about that coming soon)



Let me know your thoughts on this book, I have my own theories for the ending 😉 so come talk to me! I want to hear your thoughts!

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