If you like…

Goodreads link for Ender’s Game        Goodreads link for Illuminae

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
I enjoy reading sci-fi books and both of these made me just absolutely fall in love with the genre. Enders game is a great story about a little boys adventure in space to win a war. Illuminae is another great story about a ships war for survival.
Now would be a great time to read Illuminae because the third and final book in the series is coming out in March 😉.
Illuminae also has a great layout, with files and email correspondence. Each page is a new unique way to telling the story.
I had to read Enders Game for school one time and I HATE required reading because it is forced and most of the time it is boring books that make me hate reading them. So if I liked this required reading, then I’m sure you will too! 😂
Please give them a try and get back to me and tell me what you thought!
Links to their goodreads pages are at the top under the first picture.
I haven’t done individual reviews on these books because I read them before I started this blog, so if you would like to hear my thoughts on them let me know and I will consider doing a re-read of them! 

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