Currently Reading

Today I want to share with you the books I’m trying to finish before the Biannual Bibliothon next week!

I am currently in the middle of two books; one I started about a week ago, and the other I started last night because I was just so excited and needed a little extra motivation to finish the first one.


This book is the last book in the Remnant chronicles, it is a trilogy. I am struggling through this one a little bit, not because it is bad, by no means is it anywhere near bad! But because it is the LAST one and I just don’t want this series to end! I’m really going to miss Lia, and Kaden, and Rafe, and Pauline. I’m really close to the end but I just can’t seem to make myself finish it.


This is the bookmark I am using with this book (It has obviously lost its tassel on the end). I am also on chapter 62/90. Like I said I really want to finish this beloved trilogy but then again I don’t because.. 1) I’m downright terrified of what will happen and 2) I just don’t want to have to put it down and say “I’m finished.”

Seriously though I sometimes feel like I’m the last one to read books because I like to wait until the full set is out so can just buy them all and marathon them, but if you haven’t read this trilogy PLEASE give it a try they are so good!


This is the second book I’m currently reading (that I started last night), if you came from my instagram (@bibliomanic_bookworm) you know I just recently purchased this book not too long ago. I wanted to start this one so soon because I really loved “Love and Gelato” by this same author and was so stoked to see she had written a new book! I’m already 106 pages in and I read that in one sitting! I needed this one to kind of motivate me to finish “Beauty of Darkness” because it is taunting me with all the other books I could be reading instead of dragging out the ending of the Remnant chronicles.


This is my bookmark for this book and it was one of Book Depository’s coloring ones. So I got to color it the way I wanted to which I think turned out pretty good! I made a mistake in the above paragraph I am on page 107 not 106 and there are 299 pages in total. I’m really enjoying this book so far! AND it has “Love and Gelato” characters in it to!

Those are my #Currentlyreading but I also want to share with you what I want to pick up next!


I have decided to participate in Jimmy Fallon’s summer reading book club! This was their pick so I got a copy and want to jump in so I don’t miss out on any of the discussion. This book has blown up big time and has so much hype around it I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and use the book club as an excuse! To be honest though this book intimidates me because of all the hype and the sheer size of it! It also seems to be a really in depth fantasy that I need to be in the right head space for, and I’m a mood reader so if I try to force myself to read it when I’m not ready I’m scared it’s going to make me not like it. I really have high expectations for this one!

Also LOOK AT THE NAKED COVER!!!!! It’s so pretty!


What do you think about these reads? And what are your current reads? Comment below! 🙂

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