Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins


Goodreads Summary

GUYYYYYSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I’m coming out of hibernation to tell you all to go read this book! I honestly had low expectations going into this book, but once I started reading it was like I was in a trance. I couldn’t stop until I finished. This is the first book in a while that I have just sat down and read. It was so good the characters had life and there were awesome action scenes. When I finished this book last night, I woke up the next day and went straight to the bookstore to get the next two in the trilogy. I can’t wait to start reading the next book and see what happens because the first on ended on a cliffhanger 😱. This book is something like I’ve never seen before and it was nice to read about something new to me in the YA category. I always like books that keep me guessing and make me think and this one pleasantly surprised me at every turn of a page. I think that another reason I am so enamored with this book is because I relate to the main character on a deep spiritual level. Never before could I replace a book character with myself and think, “wow we are the same exact person.” At the very end (as I realized there was too much to be resolved to fit into the next 3 chapters) I was going through a whole range of emotions and almost cried in frustration that I didn’t have the next two in the trilogy. The book cover is so pretty and badass too! This book has checked off all of my boxes of approval and it forced me to love it while I was reading without even realizing it.

(I wrote this review a while ago but didn’t have a picture to go with it so I am posting it now!)

Chat with me in the comments! Have you read this book? What did you think? Do you want to read it?

6 thoughts on “Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

  1. I love when that happens when you’re in a reading slump and a book comes along and gets you in the mood to read again! This book was quite good. Loved the main character in it. Rachel’s a brilliant writer in YA. I discovered her when she wrote the Hex Hall series. Have you read those? They were one of the first series that got me reading a lot more in general.

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    1. Me too! I was so thankful to this book for getting me out of that slump. And I have the first one in that series but I haven’t read it yet. Honestly I forgot I had it and didn’t know she wrote it until you said something about it! Now that I remember and know she wrote it I’m going to have to start reading it ASAP! I’m doing the Biannual Bibliothon coming up so maybe I’ll pick it up and read it!

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      1. What’s that? And yeah I remember it was advertised in a magazine and that got me hooked since then! I haven’t read much YA that’s like Hex Hall in a good while I’ve been more into contemporary lately


  2. The Biannual Bibliothon is a readathon that happens twice a year. The next one is July 14 to July 20, the goal is to just read as much as you can during that time. It just encourages reading through “sprints” where everyone reads for a certain amount of time together and the hosts do giveaways and stuff. They even come up with fun challenges to get through some of your TBR. You can search Biannual Bibliothon on YouTube and Twitter to find out more! I’m probably not explaining it well because this is my first year doing it. BookTubeAThon is one like it as well, I’ve done that one for the past two years, but you can search them on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


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