Love and Luck by Jenna Evans Welch


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Let me start by saying that I love this author! I have read both of her books so far and felt deeply connected to both of them. Her writing style is amazing and it is just so easy to lose yourself in her books. Love & Luck is a great book about heartbreak and how to get through it. I just loved this book’s approach to the heavy subject, it made it feel manageable while still incorporating fun elements to it. I also applaud the author for focusing on the family aspect and relationships before the romance. I loved how I got to see this family grow and then how the love story kind of fit into that and showed up along the way. I also loved the depth I got to see in everyone’s relationships it made the story feel real and heart warming. Even though this book is about heartbreak there is also humor and hope and fun in between the more somber moments. Addie is just an incredible character that I felt like I could relate to. I feel like we could get along really well if she was real. I also loved seeing Love and Gelato characters show up throughout the book to. There is also some pretty cool folklore and Irish tidbits that I found very interesting, it made me want to learn more about Ireland! I feel like there was a lot of research done and heart put into this story that just makes me love the author even more! This book is just such a nice and easy read that I love so much! If I had to chose I would say this book is slightly better than Love and Gelato, which should be impossible because I really, really, loved Love and Gelato!


OKay look I’m all for road trips and cheesy cryptic books that help you solve all of life’s problems! I really think that Ian and Addie just really didn’t understand each other because when they finally started to grow apart they didn’t know what to do with themselves and how to function without the other. When siblings are that close it’s hard to watch the other grow up to be something without you, to know that they are their own person a part from you. I’m not saying I can truly understand because I didn’t grow up in a situation like that but I can see where they are coming from. I also want to point out that My favorite character of the whole book has to be either the guidebook lady or Miriam! Both are funny, quirky, characters that just genuinely wants the best for the people they come in contact with. Which I think is great and I really would like to see more of that in the world, but for right now I’m stuck reading books like this to get my fill. Speaking of relationships I love the bond Addie and Lina have, it’s just a great friendship all around. I also want to take this time to point out another important character that even though they have a small part, has a huge impact, the mother! She loves her children, is hardworking, and whole heartedly supports her children no matter what. I mean at the end she puts on her momma bear costume and gets her kids to the front of the concert just because of what her children told her. She made no arguments and didn’t ask any questions because she could tell that the concert meant a lot to her kids. Another concept I fell in love with was the whole Queen Maeve thing. Now I haven’t done any research myself on the subject but I found it so interesting and a cool piece of supposed Irish history. I am also not ashamed to point out that the special ceremony for Queen Mauve made me cry, like big fat tears because of the love and commaderie i could practically feel through the pages. I was just one big happy mess! To conclude I want to say that I really liked how throughout the whole book you get a sense of something bigger, something grand and overwhelming, and then at the very end in the epilogue everything is brought back down to scale and fit into the small world of high school. I really liked that movement at the end, it brought back that feeling of manageableness (is that even a word?).


“Grief requires you to circle around the issue at hand, sometimes passing by it many, many times until it is no longer the destination but just part of the landscape. The trick is: do not give in to despair. You are making progress, even if some days it just feels like you’re going in circles.”

~Guidebook Lady

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  1. Just last week I got the 1st book by this author, heard really great things about “Love & Gelato”… Can’t wait to dig IN *_*

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