How to choose your next read…

Hey guys I’m coming to you today to give you a few ways you can pick your next book if you don’t know what to read.

I have 10 ways to choose your next read so I will be splitting them up into 2 posts.

If you don’t mind fate/chance/destiny (or a friend) picking your book then read onward!


Just go the classic route and make a TBR jar. Write all of the books you need to read on little slips of paper then fold them up and place them all in a jar. And Voila! When you are in need of a read, simply pick out a slip of paper and get to reading that book!


Use the letters in your name. With each letter of your name correspond it to the number it is in the alphabet. For instance:

M=13, A=1, D=4, I=9, S=19, O=15, N=14

And then go to your shelf and simply count out that many books and the number of your letter is the one you stop on! And there you go, now I can have 7 books lined up for me to read.


Ask someone to pick a color. Find that color on any of your books and read a book with that color on it! You can make it easy and just read a book that has that color anywhere on it, or you can make it extremely hard by limiting your range. For example, you could limit yourself to finding that color only on the spine, or the back, or the front, or the naked cover, or the words, or the endpages. You could even make it where you have to find a book with that color in the title! If you do that though I would recommend telling your friend to only pick a color on the rainbow or something simple because I don’t think Magenta or Dandelion will be easy to find.


Read from someone else’s TBR. Ask someone else what they plan on reading and choose a book from their stack. You can also search people’s TBR on Instagram or Youtube. There are plenty of ways you could go about doing this.

P.S. I got this challenge from the biannual bibliothon


My personal favorite and the one I do most often is layout all the books you are in the mood for or in a certain type of genre. (For example, layout all your fantasy books or all your romance books, etc.) Now get some sticky notes and number them, You can go in order of how you laid them out, but I like to mix the numbers around so #1 might be laying next to #8. Once you give each book a number, go ask someone to pick a number 1 through however many books you have laid out. If you have 8 books laid out and numbered ask that person to pick a number 1-8. Whatever number they chose is thee one you get to read next! You don’t have to lay out all your TBR books just some of them that you feel like you might want to read next, or like I said theme them!

I always do this with my dad and he thinks he is being funny and always says the first or last number. Thats why I like to mix the numbers around and go out of order so I’m still a little surprised at which book I get to read.

That is all I have for this post! The next 5 will be coming soon in a part 2!

Let me know what you think! How do you pick out what to read next?

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