Summer 18 Biannual Bibliothon Day 4

Another update coming your way! I’m really proud of myself at all the reading I’ve done thus far. I have been in a big giant slump for basically the last year due to junior year in school. People always say junior year is the hardest.

Anyway I woke up at 6AM this morning and started reading Anne of Green Gables again. My goal is to finish the book tomorrow. I am on chapter 21 out of 38. For a classic book this has been a relatively fast read for me. I am shocked!

I also worked on my review of Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman. I have it all typed out I just need to take its picture and then I can post it!

I started reading the Sandcastle Empire this morning as well and ended up finishing it not too long ago. This book was SO GOOD how have I not read it before? I am extremely mad at myself for letting it sit on the shelf for as long as it did.

That book was 455 pages so I haven’t read much of anything else today. No update on The Once and Future King because I haven’t read anymore of it!

You remember how I said I was going to read it in baby chunks day by day? Well ya girl is slacking and hasn’t read it in about a day and a half. I am still only on page 155 of 677. that leaves me with about 522 pages to go. I’m getting really worried I won’t finish it in the 3 days I have left in this readathon!

I have also completed Day 4 Instagram challenge so hop on over to my Instagram page @bibliomanic_bookworm to see it! Can you guess what my favorite season is? (*hint* my latest picture tells you! 😉 )

I’m thinking about picking up Artemis by Andy Weir next or Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce. What do you guys think I should read next? Let me know in the comments below!

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