BTAT 2018 TBR reveal!

The second day of my BookTubeAThon countdown brings something a little more personal.

The second challenge is to read a book about something that you want to do. This could be taken in a number of ways as in: something you physically want to do, something you want to pursue a career in, somewhere you want to travel to. Basically this prompt can be about anything you want it to be about.

I chose to go with something I want to learn more about and pursue as a hobby, Psychology. I have taken a psychology class my Junior year of high school, and this coming year I will take AP psychology to further my knowledge on the subject.

I just really find the topic fascinating and can’t get enough of it! I’m always on the lookout for magazines, articles, books, and shows that has to do with psychology and how the brain works and why people do the things that they do.

National Geographic has some pretty cool Psychology magazine editions! Also Mind Hunter on Netflix is super cool too!

So my second pick for the BookTubeAThon is Subliminal (How your unconscious mind rules your behavior) by Leonard Mlodinow.

This book is about your subconscious and how it has such a huge impact on your life. Also the cover has a hidden message on the cover which was really cool! Also it is highlighter green.


The hidden message is really hard to see because you can’t even tell its there unless the light catches it in a certain way. Like it is completely clear letters until the light shines on them, then you can tell it is there.


Also the spine has the word Buy! written in that same clear stuff, so it is kind of hard to see.

What do you guys think of this book by its cover? Who else loves psychology like I do?

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