BTAT 2018 TBR reveal!

Day 5! Were so close to the readathon!

The 5th challenge is to read a book while wearing the same hat the whole time you read that book. So as long as you’re wearing the hat while reading the book you picked out for this challenge, you’re good.

The book I picked is November 9 by Colleen Hoover. Surprisingly I have never read a CoHo book before and I really want to. I had no idea where to start because she has like a million and one books but I came across this one and decided it was time.

If I end up liking this book, which I’m sure I will, I can start making my way through the rest of her books. Any suggestions on what to read next?


I want to apologize for this picture because my shirt is blindingly white and kind of washed out the rest of the picture.

As you can also see my hat is of the fancy kind :). When I wear this hat I think of fancy rich people laying out on a yacht somewhere, or I just see Meredith from the Parent Trap.

Here is a better picture of the hat!


So that is it for day 5 of my reveal! here is the stacked picture with the rest of my TBR.


What do you think of my hat? What do you think of this book?

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2 thoughts on “BTAT 2018 TBR reveal!

  1. Nice hat! I haven’t read any CoHo books either yet but I’m looking forward to in the future. Although you’ve got really great book in your tbr. I particularly looove Wuthering Heights and I’m currently reading Hazel Wood 😊

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