So as I am following new blogs and seeing many new posts I like, most every blog posts book tags. I want to eventually start posting some tags myself but first I wanted to create one.

I haven’t been around long enough to know if there is anything like this out there so if there is please let me know and I won’t take the credit for it. I actually came up with this idea from Facebook. I used to see people have a series of questions that they had to connect the answers by the last letter and they couldn’t use Google. I thought it was stupid back then but now that I am adding books to it I find it much more interesting! This is also a fun way to recommend books to people!

Here are the rules:

  1. come up with a list of things you want to try and connect. For example: Title of your favorite book, Author of a book about outer space, Title with a color in it, etc.
  2. Start with your first idea and answer it. For example: (Title of your favorite book) Love and Luck
  3. Then take the last letter of the answer to the above idea and make it the first letter of your answer to the second idea. For example: Love and LucK > (Author of a book about outer space) Kaufman, Aime
  4. Continue on from there for as long as you like! If you want to come up with a lot of ides for this then go for it!

If you have any questions about how this works please let me know! I’m not the best at explaining things…

So to give a larger example, here is my version of this challenge!

Title of a book with a love triangle.

Kiss of DeceptioN (by Mary E. Pearson)

This one has a MAJOR love triangle all throughout the trillogy! But this trillogy is really good so if you haven’t read it go do so!

Author of a book about mental illness.

Ness, PatricK

The Patrick Ness book I’m thinking of is A Monster Calls, I think that is right but I’m not sure. I have read the book but I don’t know if that is classified as “mental illness” or just childhood imagination.

Title of a book you want to read.

Keeping the MooN (by Sarah Dessen)

I want to read all of Sarah Dessen’s books! My first read of hers was Saint Anything and I immediately fell in love with her writing style and the topics she writes about. She is just an all around amazing author! And I have really enjoyed all of the books I have read from her.

Title of a book that has been on your shelf for a long time.

Nowhere but HerE (by Katie McGarry)

I am really intrigued by this book, but I wanted to wait until the whole series was out to start reading them because I just know I’m going to devour them. But I haven’t kept up with this information, so I should probably see if they are all out and get to reading!

Author of a sci-fi book.

Ernest ClinE

Ernest Cline is one of my favorite authors and I absolutely fell in love with Ready Player One and Armada. You couldn’t get me to say a bad thing about them if you tried!


Click HERE for my review of Armada by this author!

Title of a favorite book.

Every Last WorD (by Tamara Ireland Stone)

This book is so good and I really connected with it. Such an inspiring story, and I loved the poems included in it. I myself like to write poetry so the idea of a secret poetry society really intrigued me.

One word title.

DreamlanD (by Sarah Dessen)

Like I said I want to read all of her books and this is one that I have read. I still have a long list of them to get through though.

Auto-buy author.

Dessen, SaraH

Wow I didn’t realize this post was going to be all about Sarah Dessen but she totally deserves it!

Title of a book about witches.

Hex HalL (by Rachel Hawkins)

I haven’t read this book but from what I understand it is a book about young witches going to school? I recently had someone point out that the author is the same one who wrote Rebel Belle so I need to move this one up on my TBR list because I really, really liked Rebel Belle!

A hidden gem.

Letters to the LosT (by Brigid Kemmerer)

I don’t know if I would really classify this one as “hidden” but I haven’t heard much about it in the bloggosphere, booktube, or bookstagram community. So I am pointing out that this book needs A LOT more hype!


Click HERE for my review of this book!

Favorite Retelling.

Tiger LillY (by Jodi Lynn Anderson)

My favorite type of book is a retelling, and this one stands out by far! Told from Tinkerbell’s point of view about Tiger Lilly and Peter Pan. Peter Pan is my favorite story of all time, so the fact that this book is a Peter Pan retelling gives this one an extra boost.


Click HERE for my review of this book!

New to you author.

Young, AdriennE

I got Sky in the Deep in my Owlcrate box a few months ago and still haven’t read it. I know, shame on me. This book has gotten so much hype and I really need to jump on the bandwagon!

And I’m going to stop there because my brain is hurting! So I’m not going to lie I had a whole list of ideas I wanted to use but none of them fit! So I had to make it up as I went. What made it harder was I wan trying to get letters I hadn’t used before. I didn’t realize how much this challenge would repeat letters.

I tag everyone who wants to do this! It would mean a lot if you guys actually take interest in this.. and like I said if this tag sounds too similar to another tag please let me know! I don’t want to steal anyone’s work. There is just too many wonderful tags for me to keep up with all of them!

I want to see yours! If you end up doing one leave a link in the comments below please! Also if you need more ideas I’ll be happy to post more in the comments!

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