BTAT overview!

I am so incredibly thankful for the BookTubeAThon! Not only is it so much fun, but it also brought back my love of reading. The past year has been a struggle to read anything with all my schoolwork and extra curricular activities. This past week has been the first week that I really felt that love for reading come back full force!


I actually surprised myself and stayed up until midnight just so I could welcome in BTAT the right way! I stayed up for about an hour reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel ( click HERE for my review). The next morning when I woke up I finished reading Station Eleven around 10 o’clock, this book satisfied the flip a coin challenge. After that I started reading Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow (review coming soon), I only got a few chapters in to the book before my eyes needed a break. After a little while instead of picking up Subliminal again I jumped straight into First & Then by Emma Mills (review coming soon). I didn’t participate in the Instagram challenge because I didn’t have the book that first got me into reading with me. In the middle of all this from 1 to 3, I went and volunteered at my school to get some community service hours.


I woke up extra early and started reading First & Then and managed to finish it by 1 o’clock. this book completed the beautiful spine challenge. I did Instagram and get a bunch of blog posts ready so that took up a lot of time. I also went back to my school to volunteer from 2:30 to 5. I copied a lot of papers that day so I basically hid in the copy room and read while I was making copies. I read Subliminal and finished it around 8:30 that night. This book completed the read a book about something you want to do. (You can see my day 2 Instagram entry over at @bibliomanic_bookworm).


This day I went to bed early and slept in late trying to catch up on some sleep because I thought I would have my senior pictures taken that day. It turns out we had to cancel my session because of the weather. I was sad and disappointed I missed a lot of reading time but I did start and finish The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. I finished around 3 o’clock and didn’t do much after that. This book finished the read a book with green on the cover challenge. I didn’t blog or Instagram that day, but I did order my Book of the Month box! I chose to get The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle for my August BOTM and I added an extra which was Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic. Neither one of those books are things I would usually read so I’m excited to see what I think about them!


This day I woke up early and started to read November 9 by Colleen Hoover. This was my first CoHo book and I hope to read many more! I ended up finishing this book the same day (review will be up soon). This book completed the hat challenge where you had to read a book while wearing a hat. Which was a fun challenge but I think the hat really bothered me a lot and I kept halting reading progress to mess with it. Also that night my local Barnes and Noble was holding a game night that I went to at 7 o’clock. It was fun I did some blog writing and got a Starbucks while I waited for it to start. If you guys want to know my order it is a double chocolate chip frappe with white mocha instead of the regular mocha. It is so good! It tastes like caffeinated cookies and cream and it is just awesome you have to try it!


By this time I started to lose my momentum. I think I was a little burned out from the constant reading I had been doing during BTAT and the Biannual Bibliothon. I started Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North and I read a lot but with a choose your own adventure book there are a million possibilities. I don’t think you can ever “finish” a book like that so I am still counting it towards my reading goals. Also my pick for the watch/read a book to movie adaptation was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and I ended up DNFing it. I just couldn’t get into it, and it didn’t seem to excite me the way the other books on my TBR did. I was really disappointed in myself after that but I ended up blogging some which made me feel a little better.


This day I didn’t do any reading at all. This was the day I celebrated my birthday with family. My actual birthday isn’t until the 10th of August but that weekend I’m celebrating with my mother. Anyway I started out the day doing some school shopping with my dad. We had loads of fun and I found some really good clothes and shoes! After that we went to do an escape room with other family members, thankfully we escaped with barely a minute left on the clock (After we begged the game leader to add 5 more minutes because we were SO CLOSE). From the escape room we all headed over to Olive Garden to eat dinner and enjoy each other’s company. The cake was a heavenly coconut cake from Publix that I am still snacking on whenever I get the craving. All in all that was a great day and I’m so glad I got to spend it with family!


The last day of BookTubeAThon, this year didn’t go exactly as I had planned it but I still had fun and read a lot which is all that matters. This year was actually the first year I haven’t completed all the challenges and 7 books. It’s a weird feeling but I will get over it. Eventually. I didn’t read this day either because I went to Shipwreck water park with my younger cousins. We had a good time and they were happy to be there so I was too.

That was my 2018 BookTubeAThon experience! Let me know yours!

What is your Starbucks order?

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