Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow

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I love Psychology, and I have just recently gotten into books about Psychology. I thought they would read as a long list of statistics and be boring, but this book was extremely entertaining and it was told as a story with the research fit into it. I laughed at this book because the author’s own voice and experiences come in to the narrative. I liked to read about all the different theories and experiments and psychologists because I find it interesting. I also know to take things with a grain of salt. I’m not sure how unbiased or “real” this book is because I haven’t done the research for myself. Which admittedly that is what this book is for but I also don’t want to just blindly agree with everything this books tells me. I will say that the author was really good about keeping his opinions out and let the research he presents us do the talking. Although this is highly educational, this book has A LOT of medical/Psychology jargon in there that can make it kind of confusing. Sometimes I felt like these terms were explained well enough, but then I would find some terms weren’t. It was kind of a hit or miss with that and it could make the book hard to read. I also felt that this book was really heavy, in a sense that you couldn’t just fly through it like a fiction or romance book and still understand it all. This is probably to be expected with a book like this but just a warning to take the information presented in small doses. If you want to learn more about the human mind and why we sometimes do things then this is a great book to read! I learned lots of new things and now I realize just how much our subconscious can affect us!


There wasn’t much to quote unless you guys wanted to read a whole section about one of the experiments


I found it interesting that there was an actual study done on people being attracted to their own names, but not surprising. It is getting more and more common for people to marry people whose first names rhyme or start with the same letter. Or for parents to choose names for all of their kids that start with the same letter. For example my dad and uncle are named “Derrick” and “Dillon” respectively, and both have the same middle name of “Michael”. I think people enjoy the aesthetic or the symmetry that rhyming or same letter names have, it just seems more cohesive in a family. Also this study kind of goes along with the study done about peoples names and the alphabet. It’s shown that when people are asked to chose their favorite letters in the alphabet they will gravitate more towards the letters in their own names. I found most everything in this book fascinating but the thing about the Ewe’s and the lambs just was really surprising to me. I also really liked the last section when he talks about overcoming stereotypes and how they came about.

Have you ever taken a Psychology class? What is the most interesting Psychology fact you know?

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