2019 Reading Tracker

Hey guys! I’m back after months of inactivity… hopefully you all don’t hate me. I would promise to start posting regularly but honestly who knows if that’s ever going to happen.

But I do really love to post to this blog and I just need to get in the habit of writing blog posts again!

So I’m going to start out easy and explain to you guys how I plan on keeping track of the books I’ve read this year. Also I’ll talk a little about my past experiences and why they failed. This post will also include lots of pictures!

If you are like me, then you have a hard time keeping track of your books! I just want to read and not worry about when I started and finished a book, but then later on when I want to brag about how many books I’ve read I can never remember all of them. So I am going to explain the different methods I have used throughout the years to try and keep track of them all, starting in 2014.


This was the year I first discovered the Goodreads app and like any other person I started a Goodreads reading challenge for the year. I can’t remember what I set my goal for that year but I do remember recording the first 10 books I read that year and then completely forgetting that the reading challenge was ever a thing on Goodreads. I have no idea why but to this day I am really inactive on Goodreads, the only thing I use it for now is to look up the synopsis of books. I have tried to stick to the reading challenge feature many times throughout the years but I have since realized it is not the format for me.



If you are my friend on my personal Instagram account then you can see this picture somewhere in my feed. This was the year I thought I was so cool because I could make these tiny origami stars. So my thoughts were to make a new star every time I finished a book and write the title on the inside of the slip of paper. This method did end up working for me because it was super fun and creative, and by the end of the year my jar was filled up with 105 tiny colorful stars. It made me happy every time I looked at it and I think it motivated me to read books that year just so I could have the satisfaction of adding a star to the jar. The reason I stopped using this method is because the paper I used to make these with ran out. I know what you’re thinking, BUT I used a special notepad that was just the right size and thickness to make these stars and nothing else can compare to the perfection that was these tiny stars! So I can totally see me doing this again in the future but maybe changing it up a little? I’m not sure, help me out with some suggestions!


This year I had every intention of using this little notebook that I got in my first ever Owlcrate box. (This is a total promo because I adore Owlcrate and have stuck with it for 3 years now and it has gotten EVEN BETTER!) Anyway, if you cant tell every page in that book is blank then let me tell you it is because I still have no documented evidence I even read anything that year. But you get to see how cute this notebook is so I think it’s a win for you! It of course has places to record your thoughts on the book and extra pages that asks you random book related questions, but it also has quotes about books throughout it as well.


So continuing with the notebook idea (I have no idea why since the previous year had ended up being a total disaster) I bought a small notebook at Walmart and made up my own key of how I wanted to record the books I read that year. So this is what happened and for the most part it worked out okay until the very end of the year when I was so tired of flipping back and forth to make sense of my own system I created and then finding the books I owned but had not read yet. In short, it was all a mess and a jumble of good ideas that just didn’t work well together for me. It did end up being a good place to put all my stickers though.


This year was a really bad reading year for me. Usually I would read around 100 books a year but this year I only ended up reading 52. I was so disappointed in myself and I felt like I was losing my love for reading. I couldn’t really pinpoint why I wasn’t reading as much and just was really hard on myself because I wasn’t doing the one thing I love to do for myself. Reading is like my rest and relaxation and I felt like I was missing out on it a lot this past year. So I gave up trying to be fancy and super over the top with my methods so I just kept a count on the side of a whiteboard I have hanging in my room. Every time I would finish a book I would change the number and I think that was part of the reason I was so disheartened. I would look at the extremely low number and realize I wasn’t reading as much as I wanted to and it sent me spiraling into an even deeper reading slump. So obviously, I won’t be using this method anymore.


This year I actually have a reading planner sent to me by Owlcrate. It looks like a regular monthly planner but this one has pages to write down new releases each month, short reviews on the books you’ve read, and a place to plan out you TBR for the month. It is a really cool planner and so far I have already read 7 book and am almost finished with the 8th. Maybe it is just the New Year’s spirit in me but I really hope the beginning of this year reflects what all the rest of the months have to offer. I have themed each month and for every book I finish I put a sticker on the day I finish it, so it feels like I’m being rewarded for finishing a book even if it is only a sticker. I also write down what day I start and finish a book so I can see how long it took me. Sometimes I can judge how good a book was based on how long it took me to read. I feel like this is a good start and I hope this method continues strong for the rest of the year. If not I guess I’m back to square 1, so everyone please cross your fingers and hope this works out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, some book reviews should be up soon, but if this is the last time you see me for a while…… I’M SO SORRY!!!!!!!

How do you keep track of what you read?

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