The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan

Goodread’s Summary


So I want to start this off by saying that the cover is essentially what motivated me to but this book. Also this is a type of book that is new to me since I usually read strictly YA. I always tell myself that I’m ready to expand my reading horizons and read something entirely new to me, but I always end up disappointing myself. I don’t want to get too down on this book because it was an okay read that i fairly enjoyed reading, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. This book had a really nice concept to it and the 1st chapter really impressed me. It had good writing and used a wide range of literary techniques to keep me entertained. The 1st chapter also set up the book pretty good but all of those things only lasted for about the first 6 chapters then it just felt like the author got lazy somewhere around the middle. I truly liked the cast of characters but none of them really worked well together. I didn’t feel any true connections while I was reading and it made things seem kind of sub par. I was expecting a nice little, cute, quirky, love story but I got way more than that, and I didn’t really want it. I felt like there was just a whole jumble of things thrown into the main story-line that distracted me from the story as a whole. This book just wasn’t as faced paced as I wanted it to be with super long chapters and long, unnecessary words that dragged it down. All in all this book made me realize I’m just not ready to fly from the YA nest I have built myself throughout the years.


“Maybe this was, in fact, the very definition of intimacy: acting with another person the way you did alone.”   ~Richard


I want to start this section off with a mention to the dance scene! You know the one I’m talking about, that was the best thing about this entire book and I wanted to see more of it. I wanted more cute moments like that between Elizabeth and Richard. I could have done without all the other things cluttering up the story like the CharBev thing and Orpheus and Mike’s whole life story. All of these points could have been reduced down to a summary of words just enough to get the meaning across like the benefactor thing or how Richard planned to use his money. I guess what I’m saying is that I wanted more focus for this book. I never really liked Mike but I did like the way she helped Elizabeth for the red carpet scene at the end. I also didn’t like the crypticness of Bev, she just came off as old and batty to me. Speaking of Bev I really wanted to see more of R&E actively investigating their benefactor instead of waiting for Mike to take it upon herself. At the end I really felt like Elizabeth’s “secret” and their connection was thrown in there. Like “oh let’s mention it really early on and then forget about it until the last 3 pages” I wasn’t a fan. One thing I did like though was the ending when Bev died and the author told the rest of the story from her point of view as if she was watching them from above. I liked her omniscient point of view there at the end. Honestly the only thing I could think about when I started reading this book was the study psychologists have done where if you ask a total stranger a list of 30 questions and they answer honestly, then it is supposed to be the “perfect” recipe for love. You guys should go read up on it because it is very cool. If you ever try it out let me know.

What are your thoughts on this book? Have you seen it before?

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