The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson

Goodread’s Summary


Kayla Olson is a fantastic writer! Not only did I fall in love with her words but I fell in love with the world and the characters. While reading I got some slight Beauty Queens vibes by Libba Bray. This book has such short chapters that it is easy to fall prey to non-stop reading. I read this whole book in one sitting (with food and bathroom breaks of course), I felt as if I couldn’t keep my eyes off the page! This writing style is so easy to get behind because there is just a simplicity and smoothness to the way this book was written. Things just flow easily and seem to fall into place. This book is fast paced and action packed that makes you suspicious of everyone. I really liked the depth these characters had and the connection between them despite difficult times. I also really loved the futuristic setting and all of the cool, advanced technology that came with it. If I were to rate this book with stars it would receive a full 5! This realization snuck up on me because I had no expectations for this book, I really am so ashamed I haven’t read it sooner. This book was a really fun read that I recommend to everyone! The only negative thing about this book was that I wanted more of the story. Not only from after but from before all the events in the book. This is a stand alone novel as far as I can tell, so now there isn’t any excuse why you shouldn’t read it!


I have none not only because I was so caught up in reading this book, but also because her words seem so poetic and lyrical that most of this book could have been quoted.


I’m telling you I really could have used a really long prologue from before Day Zero or at least the day of it! That would have been awesome, and you know what else was awesome? The super cool technology on the island that William and Pellegrin cooked up. Not saying that the way they were using it was cool, but just the functionality of the tech and what it was capable of doing. To be honest I totally saw William’s fake death coming from a mile away, I knew he wasn’t dead. Let me just tell you I really loved the bond he and Eden had going on. I love the close family representation there. Also Lonan is B-A-E! I completely fell in love with him, and was so glad when Eden just accepted her fate and fell in love with him instead of trying to resist the bond like so many other stupid main characters. Another one of my favorite parts was how the title came into play in the book. I just loved the idea of these “sandcastle empires” floating on and under water just because of all the things man is capable of. I not only felt deeply connected to the two main characters but to all of the other side characters as well. Like I can’t get enough of this book and am definitely down for a companion tale about Alexa and Cass 😉

What do you guys think? Did you like it as much as I did?

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