The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber

Goodreads Summary


What Would you do for Family?

I think this book centers a lot around this question. Essentially every character in this book is trying to find answers to this question. I find it interesting how the author portrays each character’s journey to find the answer. Also this book is all about human trafficking, just told in a fantastical way to hold people’s attention. It’s sad that I needed someone to tell a fake story to capture my interest to open my eyes to a bigger real life problem. I really enjoyed reading this book, it is short but every page is jam packed with action. I also really liked how the author chose to build this world up with all the futuristic technology. I will say that some of the characters fell flat for me, I didn’t feel like they had much purpose in being a part of the plot. This book was fun and it’s the start of a duology that is a really cool addition to my shelves. I picked up this book because of Mary Weber’s other trilogy, the Storm Siren trilogy. Those books are even better so if you like her writing style then go get those too!


I really liked the story line and how it was presented. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information being thrown at me and I never got confused about how the world and society worked in this book. I also never felt like there were lags in the story, the whole time I felt like thing moved along at a nice pace and nothing every really seemed like filler scenes. The author did a good job at balancing out the action and the world building.


I felt like some characters were unnecessary and just fell flat but Sofi and Shilo were really well thought out characters that had motive and wants and desires and human emotions that allowed them to seem real. Miguel on the other hand could have been filled out a little better. He had all the basic requirements of a character but nothing that really brought him to life in the story. I was a little disappointed while reading his chapters, but even he moved the story along nicely so I can overlook it. I kind of wished it was all from Sofi’s point of view though, I just really liked her character and felt like I could relate to her a little bit.

The most interesting thing about this book, I thought, was the fan fight games. I would have really liked to see more of that throughout the book because it was a really interesting aspect I wish she would have explored more.

Sorry this is kind of half assed I’m still trying to get back into the hang of this and I’m experimenting with new formats? techniques? I don’t really know what to call it. But let me know what you thought!

What do you think of Mary Weber’s writing?



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