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I would say sorry for the long absence but I don’t think many people visit this site anyway.

I created this blog because I have a passion for books but I have had so little time to actually write posts that I have neglected this site for a long time.

I thought about just leaving this site up and just not posting anymore, and I still might follow through, but I love this site and the others I have discovered through this page.

I always have the urge to write but then I get stuck not knowing what to write about or how to write it. I want to continue to review books but I feel like my past methods are ineffective. So those that read this, if you have any suggestions on how to format my posts then that would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes I get into a mood to post, but then it goes away a few days later. And with college coming up I have no idea what my schedule is going to be like. That’s right I graduate high school in a few weeks, and a few weeks after that I’ll be off to the University of Florida to continue my education.

Anyway I will maybe write a few posts now and then again you might never hear from me again. Thank you to those that have seen my posts and visit this site!

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