For my graduation present this year my Mom has bought us BookCon tickets! BookCon is a book convention in New York that has so many authors and publishers come to give out and sell books and merch.

I literally can’t wait to go and see everything, this trip will include a lot of firsts for me. It will be my first time to New York, first time on a plane, and first time at BookCon! Its all so exciting, we plan to stay for about a week in NY to do things and see the sites.

We will be attending a Yankees baseball game and watch a broadway musical!

But most importantly we will be getting a lot of books that weekend. I cant wait to see all that they have set up there! We actually got VIP tickets that includes 3 autographing tickets per day.

So the authors I plan to see are:

Saturday: Sarah Dessen, Leigh Bardugo

Sunday: David Arnold, Marie Lu, Holly Black

Cassandra Clare was scheduled for Saturday and I have an extra ticket to see someone else but I’m sure her line will be extremely long to not spend that much time with her. I also don’t want to stand in line all day and miss out on some of the other stuff going on in the show floor.

I also plan to get tickets to see John Green’s special pre-screening of Looking For Alaska presented by Hulu. That’s going to be awesome!

So seeing as I’m going to get signatures from these authors I really need to get caught up on reading their books! I have read at least one book from each of them to know I love them as authors but there are still a few books I need to finish before BookCon in June.

I have read most of Holly Black’s works and Leigh Bardugo’s so I don’t have to worry there.

Sarah Dessen has so many out that are all stand alone’s so I’m not too worried about finishing all of her works before I go, lately I have been trying to collect a few of her books every year until I can finally finish them all to get caught up. But I do have two of her works sitting on my shelf that would be nice to read before I go meet her: The Moon and More and Keeping the Moon.

For Marie Lu I have read her legend series but I have yet to read the Warcross duology. I waited to read them until they both come out and then never got around to them. So I need to fix that and read those soon.

David Arnold’s Mosquitoland is one of the first books I ever reviewed for my school’s newspaper and what got me interested in doing a blog of reviews. I absolutely fell in love with Mosquitoland adn when he came out with more books I was so excited! I am reading Kids of appetite right now and am only on page 130, but I am getting there and haven’t been able to put it down. So the only one I have left to read is his newest one the Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik.

Then technically I have the two DC Icons books by Leigh Bardugo and Marie Lu to read but I’ll get to those if I have time.

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