The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

Goodreads Summary

How would you live your life if you couldn’t remember it?

Flora has to remind herself who she is, where she is at, and what’s going on in her life everyday. She has a form of amnesia where new memories cannot be created, so she is constantly forgetting things. The only memories she can keep in her head are the ones of before the accident that caused her to have the amnesia. The only way she can keep up with what is going on is by writing everything down, in notebooks, on her arm, anywhere she will see it to read and remember it. Can you imagine living life like that? Constantly having to update yourself on what is going on in your own life. This book does a good job of showing the reader what it would be like to live with a condition like that. This book interested me because I take AP Psychology and I am studying the memory system and how the brain stores and retrieves memories. I also chose to read this book now because a group at my school is going to have a discussion on it soon. I don’t want to say much about the plot because I feel like this is one of those stories you just need to jump into but I feel like if I didn’t have those reasons to read this book then I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Some of the things that made this book unique also made it kind of boring. There was a lot of repetition of scenes and things to get the desired effect of the memory loss in the character that made it boring to read about because you had already read about it numerous times before. It does keep you guessing though because you never know what could happen next. Most all of the characters fell flat for me and all of them had really bad morals. This book has a cool concept for a story and it was executed fairly well, but I think a book like this is hard to write in an accurate way and in a way to keep the reader entertained.

What do you guys think?


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