Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

Goodreads Summary

Today I was stuck at a car dealership getting my car fixed for a significant amount of time. Enough time for me to finish a book I had barely started. When I flipped to the last page I was called out to look at my car. I was so in the zone and enjoying it so much I had to stop at the nearest coffee shop and finish the last page then write this review.

This is a book that explores metal health and the life of a teenage schizophrenic through journal entries to his therapist. Being a psychology student for two years I have an extreme interest in the way the mind works. And reading about real or fictionalizations of peoples experiences with psychological mental processes and behaviors is really interesting to me. Not only does it help me in my studies but it helps me see the world through different perspectives, and HOPEFULLY doesn’t make me seem like a complete idiot when encountering people that live with certain psychological disorders.

And today I met someone struggling with something similar to what I was reading about. We got onto the topic of my book because we are both avid readers and she revealed to me something extremely personal because of the topic of the book. I feel as if I was reading this book at the right time. I know this has nothing to do with the content of the book (I’ll get to that later) but I find it extremely rewarding to connect with a stranger over books. To have that experience today was really humbling. And if you decide to read this book, I hope you get the same experience. And if not with this story with a different one.

At this point you probably can guess my stance on this novel (soon to be a movie). This story has a lot of character development in the main character. It also has a small cast of characters, so it’s not hard to keep up with them. The way the author describes some things makes me think she has personal experience because what she writes about seems so real and authentic. It’s as if I were reading journal entries from a best friend in real life.

I loved getting to read this story from Adam’s point of view. I feel that if there was any other main character then the story wouldn’t be the same. He shows the ups and downs with his actions and thoughts. I felt everything he did, my heart broke at his sorrow and my smile was radiant when he was happy. (Now if you will remember I’m in a car dealership basically the whole time I was reading this, so make of that what you will. I’m not usually one to show emotion while I’m reading in public because I don’t want people to look at me funny 😂).

The situations in the novel don’t seem over dramatic or extremely fake. Like I said I connected with these characters, Adam especially, and I feel really bad for finishing his story so quickly. If he were a real person I would love to hear more about his experiences but since he is not all I can do is hope for another book (which seems unlikely).

This book does also have religious stuff in it but not in the shove it down your throat way. The religious aspects in the book are just part of Adam’s story not necessarily trying to push the religion. Adam even mocks it in the book at a few points, not because it’s bad, but because his character isn’t that religious. I myself am not that religious and I’m certainly not catholic but I didn’t have a problem reading about it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable while reading. So please don’t let this aspect scare you off if you are somewhat like me.

I don’t know what the movie is called but I will definitely be looking it up and watching it when it comes out (or if it’s already out). This book wasn’t even one I picked out. I had a friend pick it out for me as a last minute find to use a coupon I had at Barnes & Noble. Boy am I thankful that it happened to be the book that was chosen.

I rarely give books a full 5 stars (I hardly rate books with that system anyway), BUT without a doubt this book will be on my favorites list for 2019!! I feel like this is such an important story for anyone who wants to understand more about mental illness, or anyone looking for an outstanding read. PLEASE GO READ IT!

Have any thoughts on this book? Let me know in the comments below!

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