Review Policy

My Contact information:
Madison Miller
I would be glad to review any book you wish to send me! My favorite genres are YA, fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary. Having said that, I do NOT own an E-reader, so therefore cannot review any downloadable books. The social media platforms I will post my review to are as follows:
Bibliomanic Bookworm
Instagram (@bibliomanic_bookworm)
Twitter  (@DarlindivaMm)
My reviews consist of a spoiler and non-spoiler section that include my thoughts on what I liked/disliked. I have 5 guidelines for my reviews:
~Originality- Have I read this before? Are the characters and concept/plot something new I haven’t read before?
~Predictability- Was the book predictable? Or did it keep me guessing on what was to come?
~Connection- Did I relate to the characters? Did I feel like I could put myself into their situation and empathize with them?
~Emotions- Did the book make me feel something? Did I laugh or cry while reading?
~Appearance- Was the cover pleasing to the eye? (Your book will not be completely judged on the cover, but I do award bonus points for a pretty cover)
I will review your book on a deadline should you require it, but I would like to ask to give me at least one month to get it done. As I am still a student and grades take top priority. All books I receive to be reviewed will take priority depending on deadlines. All of my reviews are my honest thoughts and opinions on all aspects of the book.
I will do my best to include all of your social media platforms with the review but would greatly appreciate it if you would go ahead and include them for me in the email you send.


I look forward to working with you! 😊